Who Cares


September 17th, 2008

no matter what i say my words are always fucked up, i vent and people get pissed so i figured what the hell im done im done with it all im done telling people how i really feel and what i really want to do. cuz after all no one stays around – they always leave me..they fucking always leave me.

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  1. drjean says

    (((purple))) one always wishes for others to be around when they care. Some can’t do that.
    I push through the language you use and reply because I do care and can understand that it displays how you feel inside. I don’t know if that is one reason some might not feel comfortable around you, I don’t know if you use that language IRL.
    I’m sorry you are hurting. Is there something you can do to pull yourself up out of this dark pit today?

    September 17th, 2008 | #

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