Who Cares

The pain

October 27th, 2008

NEVER GOES AWAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CUT

do i matter

October 21st, 2008

the answer is no i do not…never have never will- maybe one day but im not counting on anything- why should i, i put my whole heart into things and they never happen so i give up im done im tired and all i want to do is cut the pain out , maybe i was just born to feel pain every damn day of my life-not doing well these days but who the fuck cares-maybe its all in my head right so maybe i should just tell myself to shut the fuck up and be fucking happy and just hold it all in well i did that for awhile and look where it got me – no where except to the life of a cutter- yes thats me IM A CUTTER and i fucking hate it but can not seem to escape it then again maybe i like the pain im rambling right now and it doesnt matter cuz no one reads these anyway

i hate this

October 9th, 2008

maybe if i bang my head enough times maybe i will stop this feeling in my head, maybe it will stop all of my shit -i hate me i hate everything i want everything to go away ….to just fuck off and leave me the shit alone


October 1st, 2008

im nothing

im never good enough

as a child i was not good enough

as a teen i was not good enough

as a adult im not good enough

as a parent im not good enough

as a employee im not good enough

the rest of my life i will never be good enough

i am nothing